A profile about Steve Hackman, creative director for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Happy Hour Series

Coverage of the lively music scene in Indianapolis for Trip Savvy website

I’m a contributing editor for NOTE magazine, a publication created by Classical Music Indy for classical music lovers who follow the vibrant music scene here in Indianapolis. Here are a few links to content I’ve written for NOTE:

NOTE-Winter2019Issue-Pages 1-8 Cover story

The Allure of Vinyl a cover story about the renewed interest in vinyl records.

Radio Isn’t Dead a thematic story about radio’s lasting influence.

Making Contact a profile about local artist Laura Recendez.

Music Therapy: More Than Balm for the Soul, a story about the various ways in which music is used in the healthcare industry.

NOTE Classical Revolution
NOTE Records for a Reason
NOTE Angela Brown Opera Star
NOTE Hidden Classical

I’ve done a lot of work for large healthcare systems, including Norton Hospital for Children, Riley at IU Health and IU Health. That includes writing about patients, treatments, services, medical research, health conditions and collateral pages. For three years, I contributed blog content for the orthopedic and sports medicine service line at Indiana’s largest healthcare system, and for two years, I wrote blog content for the former Methodist Health Foundation. Here are a few clips from recent projects:

Rare Type of Heart Failure Hits New Mom Just After Having a Baby

Hepatitis C research at Indiana University

Pediatric Cancer

A Child’s Recovery from a Serious Heart Condition

A Father’s Day Dedication by a Hospital Employee

If Determination Could Heal an Injury

Research and Innovation at Riley Children’s Hospital

Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy at Riley Children’s Hospital

Riley Heart Center

Atrial Septal Heart Defects

Kidney Stones

Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Reproductive Health for Teens and Young Adults

Maternity & Newborn Health

I frequently contribute to a blog at Pattern Indy. Here are a few links to past posts:

Boom Town: Indy Leverages Its Music Scene As the Next Big Economic Development Opportunity


Q & A with Isaac Mizrahi

Q&A with Doris Raymond, founder of The Way We Wore

Book review of a new biography on fashion designer Norman Norell

A feature on an exhibit at the Indiana History Museum, celebrating an old-line department store

Profile of a local fashion retailer

Profile of a nationally-known maker and Indianapolis native

I love writing stories about people. Here are a few of my favorites from Pattern Magazine:

Gary Nance Custom Builder
2 Deborah Berke Building with Experience
Iris VanHerpen

I’ve helped life sciences companies relaunch new websites to represent their brands to potential clients. Here are a few samples:

A collateral web page for Brooks Life Sciences, designed for the academic research audience.

A collateral web page for Brooks Life Sciences, designed for the research foundation market.

A collateral web page for Brooks Life Sciences, designed for the government market.

Among my stock and trade are industry publications such as Cannabis Business Times and Golf Course Industry. Here are a few stories and profiles from the cannabis industry:

Navigate a Merger or Acquisition Successfully: 13 Tips

20 Tips for Negotiating the Best Mergers & Acquisitions

An odor control story in Cannabis Business Times

How to Write a Winning License Application

MAY 2017 - FEATURE - Cover Story
Oct 2017 - FEATURE - Cover story FINAL

For a time, I was a brand ambassador for Karina Dresses where I wrote content that related to the brand’s vintage leanings. Here are two examples:

What Coco Chanel Knew About Sleep

Five Ways to Channel Your Inner Audrey

I’ve always tried to save a little time for the causes I’m passionate about. Here’s are a couple of fundraising pleas I’ve made in my personal blog space:

Rebuilding: Why Domestic Violence Survivors Are Dear to My Heart

Six Traits of Violent People and What They Teach Us About Ourselves

Also on my personal blog, I’ve done a lot of content about iconic women and women’s history, including:

Diana Vreeland

Audrey Hepburn

In the category of advice and wise living, here are a few I like:

11 Ways to Honor Your Aging Parents

Taming Your Inner Narcissist

How (and Why) to Become a Better Letter Writer

Parables from the Golf Course